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Course Contents

1. Introduction to counseling profession a. Nature and goals of counseling b. Counseling and psychotherapy c. Historical perspective – development of counseling as a distinct profession. 2. Islamic Perspective of Counseling 3. Introduction to Counseling profession a. Nature and importance of professional relationship b. Ingredients of helping relationship c. Self exploration and awareness facilitation through micro-skills; attending, listening, and influencing skills. 4. Characteristics of effective counselors/ Psychotherapist: a Clients rights 5. The Counseling Interview a. Introduction b. Kinds of interview i. The intake interview ii. The Diagnostic interview iii. Interviewing with significant others iv. The case history interview and other major types, interview techniques in counseling v. Structuring the counseling relationship 6. Tests in Counseling a. Introduction b. Limitations of the use of Psychological tests c. Types of Psychological tests d. Factors affecting Psychological tests results e. Test use in counseling situations f. Tests interpretation in Counseling

Course Synopsis

Objective: • To develop an insight and understanding in the student about counseling psychology as a distinct profession and its relationship with psychotherapy. • To give the students a knowledge about the Islamic principles of counseling • To develop skills and techniques to be an effective counselor • To develop an understanding in the students to practice, learn and acquire important dynamic of counseling process. • To enable the students to use psychological tests and interview techniques to study counseling cases

Course Learning Outcomes

Students will be able: 1. To understand about counseling as a distinct profession and it’s relationship with psychotherapy 2. To use psychological tests and interview techniques to conduct counseling case studies.

Final week-Reading material on Counselors' Use of Tests: Process and Issues

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Reading material for counseling case history interview: tips and strategies

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Final week- Nature and use of Counseling Tests

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Final week- Types of test for the purpose of counseling

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Final week-Reading material on Interest inventories

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Book Title : Introduction to the Counseling Profession
Author : David Capuzzi and Douglas R. Gross
Edition : sixth edition
Publisher : Taylor and Francis
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